Friday, September 10, 2004

On the Downside to Thirty

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a summertime birthday? In my growing up years, I always envied my brother and sister that enjoy a birthday in June. Why you ask? Well, it all has to do with this thing called school. Having celebrated my 25th birthday yesterday, and having to go to work and school (like I do most years), the “what about a summer birthday” thought did cross my mind. I guess in the “adult” world it doesn’t matter much, as you will still go to work, but somewhere I got this idea in my head that it would be wonderful to have my birthday all to me.

Do not misunderstand I had a great day yesterday, but like many other days, I had to do the routine stuff that makes life happen. I worked in the morning, went to school in the afternoon, and did my homework in the evening. There were some exceptional moments in the day though. My mother made a great dinner. We enjoyed two different kinds of wonderful gourmet birthday cakes (one white, the other chocolate), and I got some amazingly awesome birthday presents: A nice article of clothing, a great little digital camera (which will allow me to share more of my world with you), some toys for my cubicle at work (Acrobots from, and a wonderful set of web programming reference cards. What more could a kid ask for? Not much I tell you. Unless, of course, someone out there is giving away days void of responsibility for people with fall birthdays. I would be one of the first to sign right up.

I am a lucky man.

When I get home today, I will figure out how to share pictures with you all!

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