Sunday, September 26, 2004

In which I want to have a productive weekend

I really started out this weekend with the best of intentions of catching my life up to speed in all areas. On Friday morning, I sat in my seven thirty class before it began and wrote up this rather large to-do list, outlining exactly what I though that I needed to finish in order to declare my weekend a success. Some things this weekend have gone really well, and others I can not claim the same level of success.

On the positive side:
I ate some excellent gourmet food.
I finally finished up a recording project for a friend.
I got my laundry done.
I managed to clean my room.
I almost feel like I am ready to face another week at school.
Oh… and the University of Utah won its football game!

In my computer science class right now we are studying the basics of algorithm analysis. It is pretty interesting stuff. Well, truthfully, it is not only interesting but also highly important. As it turns out, I have been taking great advantage of the queries and sorts that I have used at work day in and day out for nearly three years. I am really glad that someone smart took the time to figure out creative and quick sorting algorithms. Yet, at the same time, because at work most of that is done in the background, I wonder exactly how it is being accomplished. It is probably time for a trip to the IBM website, but really I don’t have the time to research it, so I will just mention it and move on. I need to write one more algorithm and then I can say that my CS assignment is done for the week. Then it is time to study and prepare for the upcoming exam.

This week will be a challenge. There are three math assignments due, a discrete math homework set to work on, and exams in computer science and ODE’s. With careful time management I will survive and thrive.

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