Saturday, September 11, 2004

A day of Homework

Game Night
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Can I just tell you how much I absolutely love my digital camera to pieces? It is one of the most wonderful pieces of technology. Anyway, the U on the mountain was glowing tonight in support of our football team. We won! 23 to 6 against Arizona. I wish I could have seen more of the game, but my homework seemed to think otherwise.

I spent most of this afternoon and evening working on the programming assignment that I alluded to earlier. It wasn't terribly difficult, but it did take about seven hours to finish. Upon finishing the programming assignment, I realized that I had some math that needed to be done for my class on Monday. I tried to run Maple via cygwin here on my computer at home, but it was just too slow, so I had needed to go to school for a bit this evening. In the end I was really glad that I went. I got to take some fun pictures, and also got the assignment taken care of. What is the best news you ask? Well, it is that I don't have any homework assignments to do tomorrow. I can spend some time with that discrete math stuff, but other than that, it will be a nice relaxing day.

Spending hours and hours doing homework isn't so bad as long as you can figure it out. All in all, a good day for my ego.

Isn't it strange how finishing the most obscure project makes me happy?

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