Sunday, August 29, 2004

The Weekend Goes

and so does the old template. This is also a supplied template for our enjoyment. If I had an ounce of creativity, I might be able to come up with something original soon. I am waiting on two things:

1. For inspiration to hit.
2. For a good day (or at least afternoon) to be able to play with the style sheet.

Hopefully both of the above will happen sooner rather than later.

The weekend was good. I got a really good start on my first programming assignment for CS 2020. I really like the process of solving programming problems. It is a good mental exercise. Also, I built a simple website for a friend, finished a math assignment, and worked on the discrete stuff... though probably not as much as I should have.

Well it is time to think about bed. 6:00 AM comes early around here, and I want to be awake in my 7:30 class.


Anonymous said...

hmmmm...Friday author is creative. Sunday isn't?

Joe said...

On Friday didn't I say that I "thought" that I was a creative person. Well, having taken the right-brain, left-brain tests, and having no idea what to do template wise with this blog thing, and having no ideas for design on the website I worked on for a friend this weekend, I think that I will vote on the NOT creative side right now. (How was that for a run-on sentence?)

Maybe I am just a mess of contradictions?