Tuesday, August 24, 2004

The 16 Week Marathon

begins tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow Fall semester begins at the University of Utah. It is somewhat exciting, but at the same time makes me feel nervous. My class load isn't too heavy hour wise, but I know that there will be a lot of studying to do. Tomorrow I only have one class, Math 2250, Ordinary Differential Equations/Linear Algebra. Doesn't it sound fantastically exciting? I am sure that there will be more stories to tell tomorrow after I have experienced it. The class begins at 7:30 in the morning and meets for an hour each day excepting Thursdays. I always end up spending a lot of time on math courses, so we will see how this one goes. On Thursday I will get to see my other two classes for the first time CS2020, and CS2100, I am actually excited for those two, but I won't have much to say about that until Thursday night. So until then here's to having the stamina to run the race well!


Monkey said...

You are a VERY busy man Joe!! Yikes!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to blogging and Fall Semester. Hey I love that Fin.code domain name. I have no doubt you're going to have a great fall at the U. All the best! rfin

Joe said...

Hey! I feel so lucky, not only did I get a visitors, but they left comments. Thanks for coming to visit my little corner of the web, I hope that you come back often.